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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mexican Standoff

With all the recent furor over illegal immigration I felt that I should weigh in on the issue. I know that I haven't written much on current events, as there are so many others that seem to be able to state a position like my own, and in a much more succinct and eloquent manner.

However, I feel so strongly on this issue, that I cannot remain silent.

Just this week The Senate Judiciary Committee passed an immigration proposal that does not respect our current immigration law, allows 11 million illegal aliens to stay in country and offers only token border patrol enforcement improvements.

Like myself, millions of Americans are enraged at their senators' apparent unwillingness to rectify a serious national security problem. According to several polls, a massive majority of Americans believe that securing our borders and our country against illegal immigrants is one of the most serious national security issues facing us today. According to IQ Research, 92 percent of Americans believe that securing our borders should be a top priority. An op-ed article in the Washington Times says "A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don't even want illegals to be permitted to have driver's licenses)."

Yet in the face of all this national opposition, both Republicans and Democrats caved in to the demands of the illegals and approved this worthless piece of legislation. One has to wonder what is motivating our leaders when they approve laws that fly in the face of not only the body politic, but common sense!

At first blush, it would seem to be that the massive protests in cities around the countries by Hispanics citizens and Hispanic illegal aliens played a role in the Tuesday decision. This may be at least partly true. Of course, it has later been revealed that these protests, while likely as large as reported, were not anywhere close to spontaneous. According to articles in the LA times, and on a CBS station, the protests had been staged events that had been promoted heavily for weeks by Spanish radio station DJ's in LA and other metro areas around the country. In addition, the Spanish cable station, Telemundo, has been talking up the protest marches for weeks, and carrying negative publicity about attempts to improve border security. In light of this, it is fair to say that these protests were staged at best, and out and out political hackery by vested Hispanic Politicos at worst.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of it. Both Democrats and Republicans have their own internal reasons for wanting to keep border security lax, and none of them are good. Republicans have a large farmers lobby in their ear. A farmers lobby who's members regularly use the illegal migrant workers as cheap labor on their farms to keep production costs down. They believe (incorrectly) that they cannot survive without the illegals to supply them with cheap labor, and have convinced several Republican Senators to side with them.

The Democrats see a huge new voting bloc. One that could potentially propel Democrats back to power in Congress and perhaps even the White House. Although (thankfully) not all Democrats are going along with this concept.

Ultimately, neither party is following the will of the people in this case. Both seem to be too busy ensuring their continued power and position to be concerned with the very real worries and desires of their constituents. I think it's going to bite them in their aspirations.

Americans overwhelmingly support the idea tough immigration reform. They want to see that fence go up on the border. They want the Border Patrol better armed, and many want to see the military stationed along the border to ensure our security. They want to see illegals arrested and deported. They overwhelmingly disdain any kind of amnesty programs, whether they be "earn your citizenship" or "guest worker" type programs. All are equally regarded as the cop-outs that they are.

However, Americans also want to see LEGAL immigration increase in our country. Most Americans understand that this is a nation of immigrants. We realize that bringing in new talent is the best way to ensure our future. But it must be legally. Many Americans agree with the idea of making it easier to legally emigrate to our shores. We want to open our arms to the peoples of the world. We want them to come and make a better life for themselves in our towns and cities. We want them to contribute to our culture and add their distinctive flavor to the great melting pot that is America.

The problem arises when the intentions of those arriving are immediately at odds with those ideals. Those that choose to migrate to our country illegally have already flaunted one of the primary institutions of America, the rule of law. One has to question the intentions of a person or group of people who, through the very act of coming here, break our laws. Indeed, it has been shown that most of the illegals are NOT here to contribute to our great country, but to leech. The vast majority of these illegal immigrants are uneducated poor who have no intention of contributing in any meaningful way to our society. They come to swing in the Welfare hammock, and bring as many along with them as possible.

This is a problem that must be fixed, and fixed now. As a first step we must have the border fence built. Preferably it would be not an ineffective chain link, but a true Border Wall. I would propose a large concrete and steel edifice running the length of our southern border. One large enough to be seen from space. The message must be sent loud and clear, "You will not enter this country illegally." The border Patrol must be increased, both in equipment, and manpower. In places where the border patrol is inadequate, the military must be used. Our borders must be made inviolate.

Secondly, Stiff fines must be put in place for employing illegal aliens. Repeat offenders must be jailed. We cannot allow the self-centered and irresponsible behavior of some to worsen the prospects for others. As an offset to the loss of cheap farm labor, our overflowing prisons can be used as an inexpensive source of labor for these farms during harvest season. The local farmers can pay the state government a low fee to have guard supervised chain gangs of non-violent felons picking and sorting their crops. The farmers get cheap labor, and society benefits with inexpensive produce and a good source of criminal-reforming labor.

Thirdly, illegal aliens need to be rooted out and deported in as large numbers as possible. Amnesty programs of any sort are simply unacceptable. It should be noted, that plans such as the one forwarded by Senator McCain are also Amnesty programs. They are simply Amnesty in slow motion. The concept that illegal aliens should somehow be even allowed to "earn their citizenship" via an onerous, overly complicated and bureaucracy creating boondoggle of a law is patently offensive to both myself and many Americans. In this vein, the children of illegal immigrants must not, and cannot be granted citizenship automatically. The concept of creating "Anchor Babies" must be one consigned to the dust bin of history within our borders.

Fourth, immigration law and processes need to be reviewed and changed to make it easier for those seeking refuge and opportunity within our borders. It should be more difficult to obtain social services, so as to discourage "Hammock Swinger" immigrants, but overall, it should be easier to become a citizen. Once reformed and in place, the new immigration laws must be vigorously enforced. Laws without enforcement promote disrespect for both the laws and the government that creates them. Citizenship must be seen as a valuable thing to have, not as an optional item for living in America.

I would recommend an addition to immigration law establishing a special interim status for those seeking citizenship who wish to move here and begin to contribute. This status would entail less rights than full citizenship. There would be none of the constitutional rights that Citizens are accustomed to, other than those related to the justice system. Although full Human Rights would be respected according to American law, of course. Also, there would be the stipulation that any felony conviction at all or 3 misdemeanor convictions (not counting traffic and parking infractions) in a one month period would result in immediate revocation of their application for citizenship and deportation to their country of origin, with a 10 year ban on re-applying for citizenship.

Lastly, political and economic relations need to be broken off with any country that does not show respect for our immigration law by encouraging or enabling the infiltration of illegal aliens through our borders. The first place to start would be Mexico. Mexican President Vicente Fox, in reference to the Tuesday vote by the Senate Judiciary Committe, stated that "the vote was the result of five years of work dating to the start of his presidential term in 2000, and puts Mexico one step closer toward the government's goal of "legalization for everyone" who works in the United States." (quote from the AP). Mexico cannot be allowed to influence the laws of the United States, and both Mexico and Vicente Fox must pay a political and economic price for their meddling.

Ultimately, even if all my improvements are not implemented, we must end the current situation we are in, close our borders to illegal entry, and correct immigration law failings or we will soon pass into societal chaos as our borders dissolve and we cease to exist as a cohesive nation.

As immigration issues begin to take center stage in American politics, the entire situation is beginning to look much like that classic gun-slinger scene the "Mexican Standoff". Only now, instead of everyone pointing guns at everyone else, all guns appear to be pointed at the American Citizens.

Heaven help us all.


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