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Monday, June 13, 2005

OW ow ow ow ow!

Oh my aching jaw...

Just a bit of advice from the Weary Man. Do not ever let your dental care go for 6 years! You will regret it, I assure you.

This is the mistake I made. 6 years ago I had a tooth go south. Not a cavity mind you, the tooth just got cut off from it's blood supply by all the orthodontic work I'd had done, and finally died.

At this point I had a root canal performed on it, and had it filled with tooth concrete. Due to my financial situation at the time (poor as a church mouse) and the fact that I had just gotten married, I neglected to have it capped. Within about a year the concrete on the inside of the tooth had fallen out and I was having to regularly clean it out due to all the stuff that would get stuck in it. Now, you would think I would be smart and go get it looked at right? Nope. I was in the midst of a job change (actually a couple changes in one year), my daughter was born, I went back to school to get into the IT field, etc.

At any rate, by the time things finally settled down in my life to the point that I could even THINK about going back to the dentist I was so embarrassed about not having gone in so long that I ended up putting it off even longer. Finally my wife convinced (ok, browbeat) me to go. After an extensive cleaning and X-rays, Not only did my dentist find several cavities, but of course, the tooth was so badly decayed that nothing could be done with it anymore. He referred me to a local Oral Surgeon, and rescheduled me for a second appointment to get the larger of the two cavities taken care of.

Over half this month I have at least one dental appointment every week to get all these issues straightened out. All in all it's probably going to cost me over $600 to get in order what should have cost me about $80-$120 to do right the first time.

The moral? Go to your Dentist regularly. If you do have a problem, get it taken care of right away. Don't wait! Better to pay a small amount up front than to have to pay much more down the road, and be uncomfortable on the way to boot.


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