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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

YouTube Overrun

You Tube has been overrun by Terrorist apologists and Jihadi sympathizers.

As you can see in the title link, Even Michelle Malkin has been kicked off YouTube due to having so many complaints lodged against her. Despite the fact that her videos have always been insightful and witty, despite the fact that they have never EVEN ONCE come CLOSE to violating YouTubes TOS, she was summarily and rudely booted off YouTube. She's not the only one, Conservative voices are being forcibly silenced all over YouTube, while Pornographers, NeoNazis and Terrorist sympathizers and recruiters get a free ride.

This type of blatant and overt discrimination cannot be allowed to stand. All conservative thinking YouTube users need to complain to YouTube. Let them hear our voices loud and clear. We will not stand by while Terrorists are allowed to use YouTube as a recruiting ground and supporters of our troops are banned.

In the meantime, may I suggest to all conservative YouTubers (YouTubers? What, are we potatoes now?) that they consider becoming Conservative Googlevid-ers? The Google video system is less dependent on "Social Networking" for video ratings, so it's less prone to Jihadis flooding the complaint channels. It also has a far nicer Embed interface for websites. Much more professional looking than YouTube's big ugly buttons and hideous red bar. Okay, the moniker "Googlevid-er" doesn't roll off the tongue as easily. Maybe "G-Vider" is better. Not that it really matters anyway.

Here is a video I uploaded to google video today. It seemed appropriate:

Let's make the move. Leave YouTube to the Jihadis until the Feds come and cart their servers away. Move to Google Video, and let's show the DUmbocrats just what kind of market power we Conservatives can bring to bear as we singlehandedly help Google Video crush YouTube.


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