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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

I'm back!

Well, after spending about 3 months looking for work, I was able to snag a plum position at the local branch of an international corporation. (This was about a month ago) I won't go into details about my new job, other than to say I was able to negotiate them up a bit, and am now making about 15% more at my new job than I was at the old one. Not only that, but it is significantly easier than my old job, leaving me plenty of time, energy and money to pursue further education and my own side-projects.

While I was unemployed I was drawing from my unemployment insurance funds, which turned out to be enough to pay all our bills with a bit left over, so we weren't even uncomfortable during my down time. All in all, things worked out pretty well.

Now that I'm settled in my new job, I can begin work on the many little things that the wife and I have planned for our new home. First item on the list, finish the basement. This shouldn't be too hard, except that the wiring in the basement is kinda goofy, so we are going to have to have that straightened out. Also, there is a small semi-finished room that was built into one corner of the basement that will have to be torn down before we can really complete anything. That's gonna be a big PITA to deal with, I'm sure.

Well, whatever it takes, we will have to get it done. While our new house is physically larger than our old one, it's laid out in such a way that there is actually less living space. particularly since the basement isn't finished like it was in the old house. Once the basement is finished though, we can move all our computer equipment out of the family room (2 PCs plus desks and accoutrements) and down into the finished basement. I'm planning on turning it into a home office/exercise room, with a computer workbench for me to do my PC and electronics projects on.

about 35% of the basement will be left unfinished, and used as a storage area and laundry-room. Unfortunately, this won't leave enough room to store everything, so once the basement is done, the next project will be to turn the large crawlspace under the roof into a proper storage attic. The trick will be to do it without sacrificing insulation. If anyone has good suggestions on that I'm listening.

Well, that's it for now. Life is back to "normal" and stuff is happening. I'll update you on it in another post.

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