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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Stay Down, Damnit!


Like a B-movie zombie the Amnesty bill just refuses to die.

More precisely, the Frankenstienien creators of this monstrosity refuse to allow it to die. Bush and his amnesty loving buddies have vowed to keep fighting to have the Amnesty bill is passed. They have even gone so far as to try and buy off the conservative vote in the Senate!

Now is the time to keep the pressure on! Continue to call and e-mail your Senators! Don't let them have a moment's peace. Jam the switchboards for days on end! This Amnesty bill MUST DIE!

Like any undead monster, the only reliable way to kill it is a shotgun blast to the head. Keep on blasting the Senate with your calls, letters and e-mails until this bill is rotting 6 feet under!

From Grassfire, some of the Senator's numbers:

+ + Call to Action #1 -- Call these Senators and say you oppose
this "Amendments for Amnesty" deal

Sen. Hagel (202) 224-4224
Sen. Nelson (202) 224-6551

Key Senators to call:

McConnell 202/224-2541
Lott 202/224-6253
Kyl 202/224-4521
Brownback 202/224-6521
Burr 202/224-3154
Chambliss 202/224-3521
Cornyn 202/224-2934
Hutchison 202/224-5922
Isakson 202/224-3643
Warner 202/224-2023
Webb 202/224-4024

Also, via Michelle Malkin:

"Your handy-dandy amnesty hotline number again is 1-800-417-7666."

Kill The Bill!


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