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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's TIME!

Ok people,

Time for the rubber to meet the road. This is OUR moment, when the American people put aside all the polls, all the propaganda, and in the privacy of the voting booth, make their decision.

Get to the polls, VOTE for John McCain. As he has said, This is America, NOTHING is inevitable. Now is the moment that we steer the ship of state away from the Obama shoals and towards Freedom.

Many others in the Conservative blogosphere have posted this video and think now is as good atime as any to post it too:

But I'd add one more to the mix. Many conservatives and republicans look forward to this election with dread. Many think that Republicans will be on the outs for many years, and many Liberals are already rubbing thier hands with glee at the thought.

For those sinking into despair, Fear not. America will go on, regardless of who wins. The Election, in many ways, is like dying. Every 4 years America dies and, like a phoenix, is reborn in a new but slightly different form. We have changed so much, endured so much, and yet we are still the same Land of Freedom and Opportunity that we started out as those many years ago. So don't be afraid of the process, Embrace it. It won't be so bad.

God Bless America.


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